By Richard Roy

I Made My Younger Brother’s College Friends Rank Every Canned Alcoholic Drink I Could Find

NOCA is one of those things that I would literally never think about purchasing normally because one, I believe seltzer is far superior to flat water and two, I still cannot believe that hard water exists. That being said, my brother and his fitness-loving, recently-into-nutrition best friend were obsessed with them. “This is it! This is like if you made Propel into alcohol and I love it!” my brother yelled to nobody in particular before demanding I refill his cup. While some of the drinkers (myself included) said they would like it better if it had bubbles, the general consensus was that these were so easy to drink and so low in calories that they would be the perfect addition to a day drinking extravaganza. When it came to best flavor, they all chose Dragon Fruit Mango.

By Hannah Rimm, Refinery29, July 28, 2020

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